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We’re now using Mercurial distributed version control system

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We recently converted the whole of the DeVIDE SVN source code history (around 4000 changesets) to Mercurial distributed version control system (DVCS). DVCS makes it much easier for developers to cooperate, and generally greatly streamlines the source code version control process.

The conversion was surprisingly painless. We made use of hg convert according to this description on Google Code (option 2, full history conversion).

Today we wanted to split out johannes (our super-useful VTK / ITK / wxPython / Qt / PyOt / SIP / DCMTK / GDCM / numpy / python automatic build system) into its own repository. I was expecting pain, but it turned out to be this easy:

hg clone
hg convert --filemap filemap.txt devide johannes
cd johannes
hg push

filemap.txt contains the following:

include johannes
rename johannes .
include johannes-extra
rename johannes-extra extra

What this did, was go through the whole cloned DeVIDE repository at LIGHTING speed (it’s local right) and strip out all the johannes and johannes-extra bits. It then went and created a new repo containing the johannes bits at top-level, and the johannes-extra bits in a subdir extra of the new repo, all with complete history.

If you want a checkout of johannes, just do:

hg clone

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September 16, 2011 at 1:37 pm

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