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DVN file format completely overhauled

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I prefer posts on this blog with pretty pictures, but I’m going to have to make an exception in this case.

As I was refactoring (mostly renaming) throughout the DeVIDE code base, I got bitten again by the fact that the DVN file format for saving DeVIDE networks is based on Python pickling, and hence each DVN file is to a certain extent dependent on the presence of certain objects in DeVIDE itself.  This means that backward compatibility is really hard to maintain.  In addition, even the ASCI pickle format (I was using the binary version for cross-platform reasons) is not very human friendly.

As I really like refactoring stuff, I redesigned the DVN file format this afternoon.  It is now human-readable and editable, far more robust and well separated from any DeVIDE internals.  See the difference in this simple example: before vs. after.  Cool eh?

This will be the new default from the next release onwards.  Fear not, there is a relatively straight-forward way to convert your old DVN networks to the new format.  You will need a DeVIDE 8.5 installation.  Simply load up the network you want to convert in DeVIDE 8.5, then run this snippet in the main Python Shell.  The DVN file it writes will be compatible with future releases, starting with the up and coming 8.9.


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July 27, 2008 at 9:01 pm

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